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Fishnets, fun and two of your five a day!

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Fishnets, fun and two of your five a day!You invite me around for dinner - I ask if I should bring anything -as I usually like to bring a surprise - but you tell me just to bringa fine bottle of wine and a smile.I arrive and you direct me immediately to the bedroom - you tell me tosit in the armchair in your room and wait.You leave the room and my mind runs riot with what the hell is going on!!You re-appear with a corkscrew and two glasses and tell me to open thewine and pour some out - I do as instructed.You re-appear five minutes later and immediately my cock begins to harden!!You are wearing a santas helper outfit with black fishnets and calflength boots - wow - over your shoulder you have a pillow case and mymind boggles as to what you could possibly have in there!!You say i've been a naughty boy and have such naughty thoughts that Ihave gone in Santa's naughty book and he has sent Santa's naughtylittle helper!!!You say I must stay seated and that I cannot move until toldto.....fine by me you look gorgeous in your outfit!!!!You delve into your sack and pull out a compact video camera and tellme turn it on sit back and enjoy the show!!You move over to the bed after handing me the camera and giving me awink lay down on the bed......You begin to tell me what a naughty boy I have been and this is mypunishment I must sit and be controlled whilst you have all thefun......I'm capturing all of this on the camera and my cock is rockhard in my pants - wanting to be be played with, but you notice andsay my free hand must stay on the armchair until I'm told different!You plump up the pillows and move around to the end of the bingöl escort bed facingaway from bend over and look at me over your shoulder.You reach behind you and pull down your fluffy red santa shortsunveiling your lovely pert fishnet hose covered bottom..........youlook fantastic and it is taking all my strength not to run over andravish you!!You move onto the bed and turn over - you run your hands up and downyour legs playing with them and telling me how great the fishnets feelon your hands................I'm captruing all of this on film and itwill make great viewing later.You run your hands all ove ryour fishnet covered legs and circle themupwards to your crotch where you begin to play with yourself throughyour hose. Rubbing your clit and pussy lips through your crotch - Iuse the zoom on the camera to get a nice close up of the dampness onyour crotch- you would not believe the control I am having to exert!!!All the while you are playing you a giving low moans of pleasur eandcalling me a naughty kinky bastard....................You tear a hole in the crotch of your hose and slide your index andmiddle finger into your pussy while you rub your clit and spread yourlips with your other insert the index finger fromeach of your hands deep into your pussy and slowly pull your pussyopen to show me your gaping, hot, wet pussy - get a close up of thatyou naughty boy you's my pleasuredarling!!!!You reach across to your pillowcase of treats and pull out a nice bigjuicy you want to see me play with this? youask.........I whisper bitlis escort yes please to open your pussywith one hand and rub the length of the cucumber up and down yourpussy --- when you took out the cucumber you also took out a bottle ofbaby lotion out at the same --- you position the cucumber above yourpussy and squeeze the white lotion down it's length onto your pussy.....rubbing the cucumbe rup and down your pussy - the sight isfantastic - it looks as though you've taken umpteen loads of cum onyour pussy as the white lotion collect on your pubes - you pour loadson there and I zoom in to get a lovely close up of the creamy action.In one motion you slide four inches of the cumcumber straight intoyour pussy and begin to fuck yourself with it hard -- frigging yourclitty at the same time - your moans of pleasure rise with each thrustof the fruit inside yourself.Your hips are bucking you on and off the large cucumber and my cock isrock hard watching and filming you!!!Whilst still thrusting the cuckie in and out of your self with yourfree hand you delve into your bag of treat and pull out a carrot.You reach underneath yourself and rub the end of the carrot aroundyour slow the movements of your hips as you begin toinch the carrot inside your bum!!You give out a long, low gutteral groan as it slides inside you inchby inch - you begin to move both the carrot and cucumber inside ofyour holes faster and faster!! The sight is absolutely fantastic!!!You tell me you want to taste some cock - with no furtherencouragement I get up from my seat take off my trousers and çanakkale escort boxersand move over to the bed to kneel above your greedilytake my cock into your mouth and begin to suck it hard as you continueto play with yourself.I'm still filming all of the action and you look up to the lense asyou suck my cock - the sight is fantastic - you are sucking reallyhard and it is taking all of my concentration to stop myself fromcumming down your throat there and then!!You ask me to play with your bottom and make you cum.............youlet go of the carrot and cucumber and lean forward to grab your anklesand pull them up around your head.Your bottom and pussy are exposed with a cucumber and carrot stillheld inside you!! The most delicious sight in the world - such agorgeous woman in such a naughty pose!!!I place the camera on a chest of drawers across the room, stillrecording so it captures all of the action.I quickly position myself on my hands and knees above you on the bed!I grab the cucumber and carrot and move them in and out faster andfaster - your moans again begin to increase in volume........I leanforward and suck your clit hard - suckign it out of your lips andbetween my teeth - flicking it with my tongue - driving you wild withthe sensation.I remove the carrot from you bum and still moving the cucumber in andout - I suck on your bumhole licking around the rim and playing withmy cock with my free hand........probing the hole with my tongue andfrom time to time spreading you cheeks wide, so my tongue can reallyprobe begin to moan louder and louder and youthrust upwards as your cum overtakes you!!!I cannot hold on any longer and wank my cock hard over your writhinghips - as your cum overtakes you and I shoot my cum over the cucumberstill held tight in your pussy by the contractions of your pussy withyour cum........all my xxxmas's at once - thank you!!!
10-10-2021, at 12:24 AM

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