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The Eighth Time........ Lewis and Our Den

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The Eighth Time........ Lewis and Our DenSo I would like to introduce my new friend Lewis he was a farmers son,he was a bit rugged wellington boots and smelt of grass, He was older than me he had just left school so would have been 16 but had a lot of younger friends,he was tall dark and very good looking we had been playing hide and go seek and footy all sorts,I recall it was a warm day I had been home as our garden backed onto the field where we were messing aboutI grabbed some pop and some biscuits crisps etc and headed back to Lewis and a couple of others,Lewis said lets build a Den, Over there against the fence it will be ace, we set too and gathered all sortswood and corrugated steel and set too on our Den,pretty soon we had a finished Den, nicely hidden with loads of cut grass and and branches, from a distance you couldn't see it the entrance wasconcealed and we had rigged up a trip wire to warn us of anyone approaching, by the time we finished there was only myself and Lewis left, everyone else had gone home for tea Dad was working late so tea would be at about 7 pm it was now about 5 pm we were hot and exhausted i suggested we got in the Den and had some of the pop and snacks I had got, Lewis agreed, he pulled histop off as we headed over to the Den, we crawled inside, when inside he removed his welly's too and put them outside the doorway,anything else you would like to take off I saidwell actually yes izmir escort he said I would, I looked at him quizzically,Oh really? yes he said here help me he undid his trousers and pulled them down here pull he said gesturing at the legsI did as he asked he had lovely brown hairy legs I recall they were a mass of soft downy hair, That's better he saidare you going to join me he said, errrr I guess I said, I undid my jeans and took off my trainers and then tookoff my jeans, what about your top? are you not Hot? suppose yes he helped me remove my top, thats better he saidhere lay back here next to me, he patted the grass tuft he was leaning against, I lay back, here chuck me that pop I handed the pop over, it was cold he said it's nice n cold mate, and pushed the bottle against my chest,Ooh I flinched he laughed, and said sorry he then put his hand on my chest is that warmer he said, yes I saidhe left his hand there then he moved it lower toward my groin, suddenly he noticed my undies Really is that right they had Concealed Weapon on them, Smudger my Mom's friend had taken me out with her to the market an i had picked them up so she said do you like those I said they are daft, she offered to buy them I siad I don't think Mom wouldbe impressed she said your 14 now I'll tell her I got them for your Birthday, so there we are and here we are,So young David is there a concealed Weapon contained therein? I laughed and said I don't izmir escort bayan think so,his hand wend to the waist band lets see he said and pushed his fingers under the waist band,are you OK he said?yes I guess I said he touched my cock and as he did I grew in his hand, Oh I see someone likes this he said,I said I guess yes, here he said as he grabbed my hand and pushed it down his shorts his cock was stiff and really biggrab me he said, I wrapped my hand around his girth it was fat and hard and I could feel it throbbing, David David Davidhe said Can I suck you, well i guess I said he pulled my pants away and enveloped my cock with his mouth,This was a whole new ball game I had a strange feeling come over me nothing like i had ever had before, the smell of grasshis smell and sweat his body was glistening as he slurped away at my cock, suddenly he came up and his face was in my facehe kissed me on the mouth, I was shocked, no one had ever done that before,am I OK to kiss you he said....I don't knowI've never kissed anyone really on the lips before, apart from my Mom but it didn't feel like that,did you like it he asked?yes I guess before I had finished he came in for another, this time his tongue went into my mouth too, I was strangely electrified, then he moved back to my cock I recall I shuddered and said I thinnnnk......Too LateI Cummed in his mouth my whole body shook I think I had just experienced my first escort izmir Orgasm Proper, wow he said you couldhave warned me, he kissed me again this time it was different again he tasted strange, do you like that he said, can you taste it? that's your Cum, it tastes great I love it, here put your hand here he placed my hand under his ball sackcome here he put his left arm around me and pulled me in to kiss me some more, as he wanked his cock suddenly he shuddered and I felt his Spunk hit my chest spurt spurt spurt spurt it kept coming he kept juddering, god he said you have made me so hornyYou are so sweet I could eat you up, I knew I liked you the first time I saw you, I hope we can be close friends now,can we do things again soon? you liked it didn't you you won't say anything to any one will you,we have to be so careful,no one must ever find out what we have done here, we could both get into so much trouble, I know I said, I won't tell a soulPinkie Promise I held out my pinkie he did too we shook he grabbed his trousers and offered me mine as I took them he Kissed me again, I looked at him he said I'm sorry I just can't help myself I really like you you know, I didn't have a clue then what he meant, over the coming weeks I would realise that he liked me a whole lot, every time we were alone he would kiss me, french kisses, tongue in I got quite used to it, he always grabbed my bum too, yet when anyone else was around you wouldhave no clue, it wasn't long before we were alone again, this time we were right over the farmers field,His Dad worked the farm so no one would disturb us, It was private property, and the corn was as tall as him 6 feet....
11-25-2021, at 12:29 AM

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