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Picking up a guy

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Picking up a guy?Ernst, do you like me?? She looked at him with her big blue eyes, her long eye lashes fluttering exaggeratedly.?Of course. I think you?re great? and beautiful too.??But you?ve never made a pass at me?? she said with a hurt expression.?Everybody thought you were unavailable,? he said.?Yeah I guess that was true, but now I am? so? are you going to make a pass at me??He looked into her earnest blue eyes ?Well in that case yes, but I left the instructions in my bag.?She smiled. ?I can save you the time? we can go to my home if you like? My parents are at work.??OK, I like that idea?, he said, ?but how about some lunch first, I'm starving.? They sat talking easily across the table from each other. Annette was more relaxed than he could ever remember her. She laughed and giggled and when her feet touched his, she slipped off her shoes and rested her feet on his.During the pause, she again asked ?So why have you never made a pass at me??He blushed and searched for an answer. While he was thinking, she put her feet up into his lap and he felt them warm between his thighs. He started reacting and blushed knowing she would definitely notice. And she did. Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped open and she looked directly at him in mock shock and horror. She wiggled her toes, feeling between his thighs, her toes were very flexible, she could pick up cigarettes or pencils and all sorts of things with them, but this time she felt the reason for his embarrassment and she carefully caught it between both feet feeling its length and hardness. All the while staring at him, eyes wide and her mouth open in exaggerated horror. He put his head in his hands in mock embarrassment.?Ernst?? she whispered with a hint of a smile on her face. ?Ernst??? she repeated in a low whisper. He raised his eyes to the ceiling, pursed his lips and exhaled softly. ?Er, yeah?what was the question again?? he asked.She wriggled her toes again, ?Ernst, you?re not paying attention to what I?m saying. I thought you didn?t like me because you never made any passes. Ernst, why are you blushing?? she asked seeing his embarrassment.?Not blushing? breathed Ernst looking away. She peered disbelievingly at him through squinted eyes. Then she changed the subject. ?So what about this weather, its great isn?t it???It?s perfect for swimming and in fact I have a new swimming costume. It is very brief.? She giggled at the thought. ?In fact it?s almost nothing. When I dive in, the top sometimes slips right off.? She giggled again and looked at him. ?Can you imagine, it?s so embarrassing. I have to put it on in front of everyone. And if the water is cold, everybody can see it and I have to walk around with my hands covering them else people will notice.? Ernst remained quiet and she could see his mind working on this image and she knew she had him hooked. ?The briefs are strings so I get an all over tan.? She squeezed with her toes and saw him wince.?I want to show it to you? she said. ?Ok? said Ernst in a little voice.?Now!? she said. "Come!"...extract from full story
04-06-2021, at 07:16 PM

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