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Neighbours EX-Daughter in law

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Neighbours EX-Daughter in lawWell, ..I am a happily married wife of 21 years to a husband whom gives me anything I want. We have a very strong sex life and fantasize quiet a lot about all the things we would like to try. We have an understanding that if our fantasy can be fulfilled then go along with it and I did just that. A few years ago while on holiday while in the shower we had an amazing time and I managed to experience sex with another woman for the first time. I really enjoyed the little fling but didn?t really delve deeper and over the years other trials and tribulations had taken over and many other sexual encounters had taken place but none with another woman.Anyway, recently I have had a sexual fling with the neighbours son Paul. He is in his early 50?s and my god, he brought a side out of me which frightened me yet awoke a sleeping demon which has made me so fucking horny all of the time. Well Paul, (the neighbours son) had divorced or was going through a divorce which was the reason he was back home at his parents. On occasion Lisa (his wife) whom I always thought was a stuck up cow and hardly acknowledged me let alone give me the time of day, would pop around now and again, I guess, to sort out the ins and outs of the divorce procedure and this one morning I was out hanging out washing again when from over the fence I heard?Hi!....You don?t know where they have gone do you?only I need some papers signing??No I don?t?sorry? I replied feeling rather awkward as I was again in my knickers and t-shirt?? Oh well? I guess I will have to wait in the car then? Replied Lisa and I noticed she was looking me up and down and a cheeky grin came across her face, ?nice legs by the way??thank you? I blushed getting a shirt off the line and covering myself feeling myself getting redder by the second. ?Why don?t you come in for a drink while you are waiting??Okay!!! That would be great?Lisa came around and was standing behind me talking to me and I could feel her eyes looking at me up and down. I am not the prettiest girl on the block being only 5ft tall with a nice ass and big tits but in comparison to Lisa around 40 ish and was around 5ft8in with auburn hair tired in a ponytail. She had a great figure very fit and a nice set of tits not as big as mine but still more of a handful I could see from the top she was wearing underneath her coat. Our constant talking ended up with us in the kitchen where I went to make a drink ?Do you want a cuppa or a glass of wine?? I asked?Oooooo I will have a glass of wine if that is alright??Of course it is, I wouldn?t of asked otherwise? I grinned as I poured 2 large glassed of red wineOur conversation went on for ages and I was beginning to like Lisa and her views on life and she seemed to be engrossed in what I was saying as she never took her eyes off me while I was speaking. She brought up her husband Paul and started to tell me he was a dick and that she though he had been screwing around with other people from his work and on finding out the truth it was the route cause for the divorce. Any way while she was telling me about Paul?s sexual endeavours, I looked at the kitchen floor where not too long ago, Paul had fucked the arse off me and her feet were in the exact place my face was. This started to get me moist between my legs and I started to move my legs together as the excitement was starting to build. Bear in mind I was still in my knickers and t-shirt with no bra on and I could feel my nipple start to get erect and rub against the underside of the shirt. I?m not to sure if Lisa noticed this but?Phew it is hot in here?.do you mind if I take my coat off? she said fanning her face with her hand?Of course you can?Give it me here and I will take it into the hall out of the way?I grabbed her coat and walked past her, and I could feel her eyes watching my every move. It was as though she was eyeing me up but although uncomfortable, I was getting slightly turned on. As I entered the room I stopped in my tracks. Lisa was bent over double. Her legs were straight and she was reaching down to her shoes and her arse was sticking up right there in front of me. She had a very tight arse and slim hips that really suited her figure which looked amazing in that dress and blouse she was wearing. Totally opposite to mine?.big ass, big hips and big tits all bundled up in a little body?Sorry but these shoes are killing me and you don?t mind if I take them off do you??No, no, no, sure make yourself comfortable. Do you want me to turn the heating off as it is rather warm??No it?s perfectly fine once I get comfortable?I poured her another drink and we talked again and soon it was as if we had known each other for years. She had told me that Paul was her first and that she had not had another man since and that she was out for adventure and get what she could as life was too short?Here, here? I cheered?So have you done anything adventurous since being married?? she asked as she undid the top button of her blouseShe was watching me closely but the more she did the more it got to me turning me on and making me hotter. I too could do with taking my top off I was very hot and I could feel my face getting redder?A few things here and there nothing to brag about. Had a one night fling with 2 blokes in a park?? WHAT!!!!! You are k**ding??.tell me more? Lisa replied as she took a seat on the stool in the conservatory. The same one Paul had sat on when he was here the other week probing my insides with his hands and tongue?Well ermmmmmm?.alright then?. I took a big drink of wine and continued ? I had gone down the town with some friends and basically I got pissed and cracked off with this lad..He must of only been in his twenties but he was fit and we chattered. God he was such a flirt and I was taking it all in??So what happened, did you do it???Do it?I got shagged in every hole possible and later I was joined by his mate and I had both of them?..god I was a right slapper but I loved it? I could not believe what was coming out of my mouth. I would never have spoken like this even to my best mate yet I was telling a more or less complete stranger.?My god how did it make you feel? Lisa, more or less whispered as she took another drink of wine?I never felt alive as I did that night. But drinking white wine turns me into an a****l so I tend to leave it alone? I replied as I sat down on the table opposite her?My god that sounds so horny??wow?I was looking into my glass and after Lisa had spoke I looked up and seen that she had undone 2 more buttons of her blouse which now revealed her cleavage and her legs were apart and I could blatantly see her white knickers . Oh my god my pussy was getting quite moist as the stories I was telling and the wine were taking affect and my crotch was very damp. Looking at Lisa?s crotch I couldn?t take my eyes off her and really didn?t register when her legs opened further. I could see her gusset was a lot darker to the rest of her knickers indicating that she too was wet?very wet. My eyes widened on the view and looking back up Lisa was looking right back at me with a dirty grin on her face. My god, I went beetroot red immediately ?Do you like what you see? Lisa asked inquisitively while putting the glass to her mouth?I ermmm?.I errrrr??Well it?s???.YES? What the fuck have I just said?.No, no, no, no, you musn?t, the voice was repeating in my head. I don?t like women?I?m not a lesbian?I kept saying to myself trying to convince the urge that my body was creating that it was wrong. Lisa started to undo the rest of her buttons on her blouse and just took it off. Her breasts were tucked away in a nice lace bra and my eyes were popping out of my head. I found myself approaching her without really any direction from my brain and stood next to her. Her legs were wide apart and her knickers were clearly visible now. Her long legs stretch out from beneath down to her toes which were painted in a metallic blue colour which although I don?t do nails I did find myself taking a long look at her feet and toes. My husband is a foot fan and sucks my toes whenever he can and I do enjoy feeling his tongue running over my toes and sucking them. I would never do that to him no, no, yuk?but Lisa?s toes were smooth and sexy and I found myself licking my lips in anticipation.There I was stood next to her. I was shaking, not sure if it was through excitement or nerves I just didn?t know. I?ve not done anything like this in a long time and then it was a spur of the moment thing which my husband encouraged me to go along with it and he was there with me but now I am alone and shaking??? Lisa touched my leg and it was like a lightening bolt striking me. The electric ran up my leg and straight to my pussy and the juices just flowed like I had turned on a tap. Her hand went higher and higher and I opened my legs waiting for her touch. My breathing became heavier as her fingers brushed over my crotch area lightly touching my mound through my knickers and continued up. Her hand stopped at my belly button where she began to insert her finger in and around my belly.?does that feel nice? she asked in a very seductive voice?Yes? was all I could answer but the speed I answered shocked me. I was in like a haze, a hypnotic state but a state of complete arousal?Strip for me then? me how much you want this?.show me how much you want me? Lisa whispered in a sultry and provocative toneOh god, this is happening I can?t believe I?m doing this but again the wine and my urges were betraying my rational thinking. I never looked at Lisa in the past and thought?.yes, I want to fuck with her, it just never crossed my mind but here I was giving in to her?..God I am a slut not just for her soon to be ex husband but to her as well?I was burning up inside?I was hot, very hot as I took my t-shirt off followed by my knickers??. And stood there next to Lisa naked. My eyes kept going from her tits to her pussy to her feet??I just could not take my eyes off her god damn feet hey were so pretty and perfect. My husband has always liked my feet even the first time we made out many many moons ago but he has said I have fantastic feet but Lisa?s were just?there like a sex beacon drawing me to them. She looked at me?I am going to do so many naughty things to you??.do you promise to obey every request?? Lisa questioned as she sat forward on the stool.?Yes I will? I quickly responded again shocking myself on how quickly my response was?Do you promise??Yes?..yes, yes, yes? I repeated as my body started to urge her on to make the first move.She undid her bra and let her tits fall forward into the cups and holding her tits she squeezed them tight and with a quick movement she launched her bra into the kitchen where the bra landed on the light and left dangling there. Her arm was still covering her breasts then she revealed them to me. There I am stood naked in front of another woman, a stranger really considering how much we spoke in the last 15 years I have lived here and she has her tits out for me to feast my eyes on?Wow? I splurted out?Suck my tits till I tell you to stop?I reached my hand out to cop a feel. I was inches away from her white breast. Her firm perfectly round breast and my fingers were there literally ready to caress each other when?No!? Lisa instructed ?No hands??just your mouth and tongue for now?I lowered my mouth to her nipple and closed my eyes as I let my tongue flick over her nipple which was now fully aroused and sticking out from her puffed up areola. My god?I needed to feel my fanny?I needed to rub my clit hard and fuck myself with my fingers?I was dripping down my legs now, my juices were flowing nicely and my pussy needed servicing??? NOW!. ?Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh?..that feels so nice? Lisa moaned in a quiet humming toneI started to lick around her breast and where I could, managed to get as much in my mouth as possible ?mmmmmmmmmmm? was all I could express as I worked between both tits. My mouth kissing all around her whole upper part of her chest working my way down through her cleavage, down to her belly button and back up to her tits. My hands aching as they needed to caress and touch, feel the sex that was on offer to me but I was forbidden. Lisa?s head was tilted back while she enjoyed my mouths caresses.?Stop? she demanded as she started to take off her skirt and then sat back down in her knickersMy legs were all over the place as I tried to fight the urge my body was creating, yearning for a touch.?Stand still and open your legs?..slut?Oh fuck?.. there it was again, that bloody word. My legs buckled slightly as my juices gushed out as I felt a mini orgasm tingle through me. I held onto the door frame with my legs about 2 foot apart, the inside of my thighs were soaking and I waited. Lisa looked at me?Do you want more??Fuck yesssssss? I screamed back at herWhat she did next will stay with me forever. She lifted her foot up and slowly ran her toes up the inside of my thigh, mixing and smearing my juices around my now pimple ridden skin. I was panting heavy now I could feel the heat from my crotch. I was bubbling inside as her foot went higher and higher till her big toe touched my sex?Ohhhhhhhhh? I moaned as her touch was electrifyingI buckled and my legs gave way as her foot entered my vagina?.Jesus what a fucking feeling. I couldn?t help myself, I screamed?I?m cummmmmmmmmmmming, OOooohhhhhh fucck??Yes!.... you, dirty little slut!!!!!!........I didn?t tell you to cum?You are gonna pay for this? Lisa shouted sounding an ounce of disgustHer big toe was running the length of my slit and each time she would pass my open hole she dipped her toe in and then around to my ass?.then she stopped and pulled her foot away?Awww? I sighed yearning for some more of her attention. Fuck if she can do that to me with just her toe what the fuck is she gonna be like later on?..Lisa stood up and removed her knickers?Here slut! Sniff my cunt?.tell me what I smell like? and threw her knickers at meI caught them and they were soaking. I scrunched them up in one hand and nervously I brought them to my face?Go on?..Sniff them you dirty fucker? As she opened my hand and readjusted them so the crotch was facing outwards. I held the knickers against my nose and paused? Oh my??.her aroma was mind blowing. I?ve not even sniffed my own knickers let alone someone else?s and to do it in front of them just didn't seem right. I just wasn?t on the same planet as my mind seemed to be off on a holiday. I was doing dirty slutty things I?ve only seen on porn sites. Me! A married mother with 2 k**s, A housewife??.I started to feel ashamed of myself for letting the sex take over me and I started to lower my hand?What the fuck are you doing?..SNIFF SLUT? Lisa shouted and she grabbed my hand and shoved her knickers into my face. My nose touching the wetness?Now breath deeply?I am ashamed of myself as I did as I was told. I took a deep long breath and it was like a d**g. Her pussy juices smell was sweet with a hint of musk and after a few more deep sniffs I was addicted to her aroma. I was that turned on I stuck my tongue out and licked her gusset. MMmmmmmmmmm I moaned as the taste of her reacted with my taste buds sending me over the edge again and I started to shake with the sexual tension that was building up in me. I needed to finger or fuck myself soon I was aching soooo bad. ?Put them in your mouth and suck on them?.till I?m ready?I did just that. I shoved the soaking gusset into my mouth and sucked on the fabric. Lisa had sat down in a nearby chairs and hooked her legs over the arms. My word!, I gasped as I looked at her pussy. She was completely bald and had her clit pierced and the way she was sitting she was fully gaping and it was such an invite to get on my hands and knees and lick her. She looked so sexy, so beautiful sat there. Her hands making their way to her pussy and she started to rub herself looking at me right in the eye all the time and watching me suck on her knickers. She unhooked her left leg from over the arm of the chair and placed it on the footstool in front of her.?Sit on my foot my little bitch? she taunted as she wiggled her toesI walked over to her foot and straddled it and due to my small height and the height of the stool with me standing straight up her toes brushed my fanny lips. This isn?t happening I kept saying this is all a dream as I felt her toes enter through my lips towards my open soaking cunt. I lowered myself further and I could feel her foot stretching me as I wiggled back and forth to accommodate it easier. The sensation was unbelievable I was struggling to breath and I had to pull the knickers out of my mouth?Ohhhhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss? I cried out in ecstasy and pain. Lisa feet were not that long but they were narrow. Having said that, it was still thicker than any cock I had experienced in the past.?That?s it bitch?..ride me?.ride my foot??Fuck it??.come on FUCK IT!? she shoutedI was still slowly slipping down on her foot, and then I stopped as I couldn?t go any further. My clit was touching her leg and my juices were leaking out down her foot and onto the stool. I looked down and to see her leg there, knowing, feeling her foot was inside me?ooooooo I can?t put in to words how dirty and horny it felt. I looked a the stool and my juices were welling up in the button holes on the leather pad. ?Arrrrgghhhhh? came from LisaI looked up and saw that she had 2 fingers up her snatch and was fingering herself slowly and still watching me?Now fuck yourself? she whisperedI didn?t need a second telling. I lifted myself up and then down again repeating the motion over and over picking up speed as I went?Oh god oh god? I cried?Harder bitch harder? Lisa encouraged me?Oh oh I think I?m gonna come? I said as I started to really come down hard on her footThe spasms started to go through me and a weird sensation took over from inside of my pussy. A feeling that I never ever had experienced by my god you have to try it. The kinky cow was wiggling her toes inside my cunt and I just exploded.?FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,? I screamed and I was screaming fucking loud. My body jerking in an uncontrollable fit of pleasure as I came.?YYYYEEESSSSSSSSS?OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH? Lisa cried out as she too came with a huge squirt of fluid like she was pissing herself. We both sat looking at each other totally knackered where upon I started to get off her foot. I struggled to stand as my legs were like jelly and held onto the door and table as I eased myself off. Unsettling it was as it was no effort at all I just slid off and looked at her foot all covered in my cum.?Now suck it clean??What!? I replied?Don?t answer back bitch get on your hand and knees and lick my foot clean? Lisa commandedI hesitantly got on my knees and positioned myself near her foot. I paused for a moment and could smell my sex on her foot. My god I didn?t realise how horny I was still My fanny ached as I sucked on her big toe. My tongue worked its way around her toes taking each one in turn. I closed my eyes and savoured the taste. I have not really noticed my taste before and have sucked on cocks that have been up my pussy but this was different. I tasted amazing?I was starting to really enjoy my own juices and really started lapping up her drenched foot. I noticed the skin on her big toe was wrinkled up like she had been in the bath for a while and it made her whole foot look so cute. I started to suck on her sole and licked along each of her little ridges eventually sucking and cleaning her sole. Lisa was rubbing her pussy in a gentle motion?..Not too rough but just gentle enough where I could hear a slight moan?God watching you doing that is so fucking horny? Lisa giggled as she stopped playing with herself and stood up?Come here Slut? She demandedAs usual I obeyed and stood up in front of her. We were both naked, staring at each other. The lust was apparent in her eye?s and I could feel my sex heating up again when?Her cars outside?Is she around the back? a voice yelled?Lisa?where are you??It was the In-laws and her ex husband whom had come back. Lisa grabbed me and pulled me closer cupped my face in her hands and leaned in to kiss me. Her soft moist lips pressed against mine and in return I opened my mouth allowing her tongue to pop in and rummage around. My own tongue joined in and we were soon kissing sensuously and heavy. My hands went to her hair and I grabbed hold of it and rummaged my fingers through it. Our kissing was a frenzy, our moans were echoing around the room. Her nipples brushed against the top of my breast each time sending an electric shock. She was licking my face tasting my juices from around my mouth. I had never felt so sexy and turned on as I did at that moment. Having a lesbian session with a more or less stranger blew my mind.?I?m gonna have to go? Lisa said as she pulled away ?I want you again?..soon. We need to finish what we started..are you up for it S??.L??U??.T??Oh yes please? I quickly replied as I bent over to pick up the t-shirt?God you have an amazing arse? Lisa commented as she ran her hand gently over my arse cheek?Well thank you?.you have an incredible body as well? I sheepishly replied feeling my face redden?What!..Really?Paul reckoned I was sagging?.but thank you that means a lot to me? Lisa also started to go red in the face ?I really need to get dressed?Lisa gathered her clothes and dressed rather quickly, leaving her knickers off?You can have them ? she said as she again threw them to me ? A reminder??Thank you? was all I could say in reply?Thank you? I mean, how lame was that. I had just had amazing sex with another women and I said thank you. My head was still coming to terms with my actions that morning.?Right..I?m off?.Give me you number and I will message you when I am ready. I promise it wont be long? Lisa took out her phone and I quickly saw the image on her screen. It was of me crouched over her foot fucking it. The juices just started to boil once again in my pussy. Oh my god the scene looked so dirty and so fucking hot. I gave her my number?I will quickly send you a message to make sure the number is right?My phone signalled a message had been received and when I opened I it was the same image of me. I gasped and my hand went to my chest. I could feel my eyes bulging on the image before me. ?See you soon my slut?.OH before I forget?.I want you completely bald next time. Completely BALD? Emphasising on the last bit Lisa demanded.She kissed me on the forehead and left via the front door. I heard the front gate go and then voices coming from next door. I went up stairs and ran a bath and soon I was relaxing in the bubbles. My pussy aching from the foot fucking as was my knees and jaw. That cow had run me through the mill and god I loved it. Was this the beginning of my turning into a Lesbian. A taboo word never to be used in the family household but then again?this was my house and I was soon to find out just how much I liked pussy when a couple of days later I got a messageTo be Continued??.
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