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Beth Has Ice Cream
Beth Has Ice CreamBeth loved going down to Gwen?s house. Her apartment was so cool and clean, with no k** clutter in all the corners. Even when Beth?s house was picked up, it still lacked the elegance of Gwen?s. Gwen?s bedroom was pale shades of blue and white, with an enormous bed taking up most of the room. Beth had a strange fascination with Gwen?s breasts. They were so different from the hard muscular chest she was used to. She loved their softness, and the way she could take the nipple in her mouth and feel it grow hard as she sucked it. She spent lots of time fondling and sucking Gwen?s breasts. Gwen was happy to return the favor, and they enjoyed lying together in Gwen?s big bed, playing with each other?s breasts. They lay together on the bed, with an old movie playing on the TV, eating big bowls of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Gwen reached over and took Beth?s hand. She licked her wrist, sending shivers up Beth?s spine. Not paying attention, her spoon tipped and a huge ice cream blob fell onto her breast. Gwen grinned wickedly ?I can?t take you anywhere! I guess I?ll just have to help you clean that up.? She leaned over and swiped her tongue over the ice cream, stopping to flick her cold tongue over Beth?s nipple. Beth shivered, and Gwen continued to lick the ice cream off her breasts. Beth was so unfocused from the attention being paid to her breasts, that she failed to notice Gwen?s hand stealthily reaching into the bowl, until a huge spoonful of ice cream landed between Beth?s legs.?Aiiee!? she squealed. She didn?t want to get Gwen?s sheets covered with chocolate, but the cold was almost too much to bear. Gwen leaned over and began licking between Beth?s legs, the cold ice cream and her hot tongue making Beth squirm and groan. The ice cream began to melt, sending small rivers of chocolate down between her legs. She felt Gwen?s tongue try to catch it all, and writhed on the bed in pleasure.Not wanting Gwen to have all the fun, she reached into the bowl and dribbled a spoonful of ice cream down Gwen?s back and onto her ass. It was Gwen?s turn to squeal as she felt the coldness on her own body. Beth leaned over and licked down Gwen?s back with long, slow strokes. Gwen squirmed underneath her, as Beth worked her way down Gwen?s back to her round ass. Gwen moaned as Beth?s tongue touched the cleft between her cheeks. Beth paused, and swiped her tongue there again. Gwen whimpered. Beth let her tongue roam deeper between Gwen?s cheeks. Gwen began thrashing on the bed. Apparently Gwen?s ass was as sensitive as Beth?s own. Beth?s fingers gently brushed against the opening. She continued licking Gwen?s ass, while her fingers played between Gwen?s legs. Gwen pressed back against Beth?s hand. Using a trick her husband had taught her, Beth?s fingers reached inside Gwen to press against her most sensitive spot. With one finger brushing her ass, and the rest inside her, Gwen was soon lost as her orgasm swept over her. She shuddered for long moments as the pleasure flowed through her. After Gwen caught her breath she looked at Beth with glazed eyes, ?Wow?..I think maybe I should show you my box of toys.?

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