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Fucked in a sling at an ABS

Post #1

Fucked in a sling at an ABSSo there's a cruise place here in Canberra where mainly men go, it has a cinema and blowjob are downstairs and private rooms and some fetish rooms up top. Knowing of this place i decided to venture out all sexed up as Rachel.At home I shaved and used hair removal cream to make my skinny body more feminine, then rubbed body lotion into my skin making me softer and sexier. My she cock is already half hard at this stage and I have a sissy trainer video on to remind me that I am a sissy slut who loves cock.Clothes I wore a crotchless fishnet body stocking and a PVC teddy and gstring. I put my male clothes on over this, my makeup in a bag and headed out. Once there I purchased entry and a bottle of amyl and headed upstairsUp in a private room I took off my male clothing, donned my wig and put on some slutty lipstick. I headed straight for the sling room and sat up on this leather and chain apparatus and lay down, there was porn playing on a big screen above me. I put my feet in the stirrups that hung down and was now a tranny slut ready to be used.Within about 5 minutes a guy came in wrapped only in a towel. He was about 50 and had a prominent bulge out front. I took a sniff of my amyl, and reached for his bulge. He slipped off his towel and showed me a massive cock that I started stroking immediately , he seemed really turned on by me and started feeling my stiffening tranny clit and pussy, telling me how hot I was. He then started sucking me and playing with my pussy.. Now I was really hot..Fuck me please I begged, he obliged, slipping on a rubber and pressing his hard cock to my pussy.. I was scared because he was so big. I took a hit of amyl and a big breath in as he pushed suddenly deeply into me. Ow wIt really hurt, but there was nothing I could do. I was his sex slave now.He started fucking me as the amyl relaxed me and made me more of a slut. He was fucking me violently now and before long 2 or 3 other guys had come into check us out some touching me I could do nothing but hold the chains with my hand and be fucked long and hard by the man muscle that was getting faster harder and deeper. After what seemed an eternity he finally came with long deep strokes, pounding my stretched little pussy with his balls.slapping against me. He pulled out said thanks and left.I lay there. For another 10 minutes recovering, went and got changed into my boy clothes and headed home.. Very satisfied.
04-07-2021, at 11:06 AM

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