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camping with Dave

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camping with DaveSarah and I have been maried for close to 30 years our sex life is somewhat in the same pattern and the times between love sessions has become longer and longer. We regularly fantasize in bed talk about introducing another partner into our love making. For many years we have fantasized about another man joining us. Recently while chatting on line I met a guy who lives in another town but very close by. He and I speak on a regular basis and have actually met once or twice. Invariably our discussions revolve around sharing Sarah. Dave has had a few experiences with other couples. Sarah has only had one other man besides me, but that is another story.I have been using Dave as a name in our love making more and more, and can clearly picture Dave and Sarah in bed together. My fantasies had become more and more real for me, and as Dave and I chatted, we had discussed how, we might get Sarah in bed with Dave. We devised a plan that Sarah and I would spend a weekend in an RV park close by to where Dave lives. He and I decided that we would "bump" into each other in town at a local diner. Saturday morning arrived, Sarah and I went to town and went to bj's diner just as Dave and I had planned. We walked in and sat in a booth, glancing around I did not see Dave, admittedly I was a little disappointed. The prospect of seeing Sarah had, had me on edge and in a state of excitment for weeks prior to our little trip. I was as horny as hell, and couldn't get the picture of them together out of my mind. As breakfast proceeded, out of nowhere there is this tap on my shoulder, and there was Dave. He used the story we had made up about being old working friends and we invited him to join us. Naturally he chose to sit next to Sarah. My cock was growing harder and harder by the second as we ate our breakfast and caught up on the "old days". Through out the conversation he would occasionaly simply touch Srah on the hand or shoulder. He asked what we were up to and why we were in town, Sarah volunteered we were spending a weekend away from home and staying at the RV park. He indicated he knew where it was and what a nice place it was, Sarah then surprised the heck out of me, by inviting him over, he readily agreed and within what seemed like minutes we were out the door and on our way back to the park. Once inside the car Sarah could hardly stop talking about Dave, what an interesting guy he was, how long had I known him, how long had it been since we had seen each other, what his family situation was...question after question comment after comment, led me to believe that this was going to be a very enjoyable weekend as I had hoped it would be. Dave followed us to the park in his own car, we pulled into our site, I asked Dave if he would like a brew, I went inside leaving Sarah and Dave alone for the first time. He sat in one of our lounge chairs Sarah sat directly across from him. They really looked like old friends, the conversation never stopped, Sarah was seemingly completely enjoying herself. As the day wore on, and a few more beers were consumed the chatter began to become more sexual in nature, the questions became focused on frequency, likes, and dislikes. Dave actually turned the conversation toward how much experience we each had, as far as different partners was concerned. Sarah shared she had only been with two men in her entire life and the other man besides me had been when she was quite abit younger. Dave told he she didn't know what she was missing if she was saving herself for only one man. She laughed and said "what am I missing" he told her he would love to show her, she turned beet red, laughed and then said, oh yeah? prove it! I about fell out of my chair! Not knowing if she was serious, we all just continued our flirting and teasing as we continued to drink. The day wore on, the temperature got warmer and the flirting intensified. I followed Sarah on one of her beer runs into the RV, placed my arms around her waist and asked...point blank if she was serious about wanting to try something new, with Dave. She said you have got to be k**ding me! You suddenly run into a long lost buddy you haven't seen in years, he mysteriously just happens to be free for the day, his name is "Dave" the new name we have been using in our love making, the conversation has been on sex most of the day and threesomes in particular. Do you really think I don't know you had this planned out? Man, BUSTED! I was thinking I am dead, not only are we not going to be playing with Dave, I amnot going to be getting any either. But she surprised me by looking me in the eyes, telling me she loved me, and if I had gone to this much trouble, she was in! Besides Dave is really a great guy and one of the hottest guys I had ever brought around! I then asked her to change into her little sundress, if we were going through with this let's raise the stakes! while she was changing I went out and told Dave we were on!Sarah came out in a little white sundress, fairly short but very loose fitting, as she stepped off of the stairs the sun hit behind her just right, letting us see through her dress, obviously naked underneath, Dave blurts out "stop, stand right there" the two old pervs we are we took in her nakedness, she said what is going on, Dave said the sun is perfect behind your dress, you look fantastic! Sarah again laughed, said you guys are incorigable! and took her seat again directly across from Dave. This time however, she crossed her legs exposing her naked thighs, seeing his eyes on her nakedness, she slightly opened her thighs allowing him for the first time to see her nakedness. God! my cock was so hard watching this play out. I then suggested we take our party inside where there might be a little more privacy. They readily agreed, Sarah went in first and sat on the sofa, Dave walked in after her, and she patted the sofa next to her and invited him to sit next to her. At this point, it became clear to me, that she was going to be in charge and we were going to be the lucky reciprients. what agreat day it became. It was not long before Sarah leaned over, took Dave's face in her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips. Their kissing continued and became more intense as his hands began to explore my wifes body. Starting on her back and then shoulders, he ran his hands across her breasts, she let out a light moan as he sqeezed her tits in his hands. her hands came up on the back of his hands and helped him, squeeze and run her...she then pulled down the top of her dress, letting him tough her naked breasts..her nipples looked so hard! Her hands then fell to his thighs and then onto his cock...she rubbed it through his jeans, i could see her running her fingers along the out line of his cock...she then worked on his zipper and slid her hand inside his pants...her legs were completely open and she leaned into him, what a wonderful sight. Here my wife of 30 years was being seduced by a friend of mine and i had a front row seat to the entire show. It didn't take long before his hand was on her pussy...running his fingers up and down her lips, slowly teasing her pussy. She sounded so wet, hear breathing had increased considerably, her hips were pushing against his touch, and she continued to groan louder and louder as they made out. She then rolled over, slid off of the sofa, pulled her dress over her head, and allowed us to see her for the first time completely naked. He let out a slight moan as he took in her beauty. Sarah is a little chunky, but has a beautiful body, with nice full tits, a nieatly shaved pussy, with very pronounce lips particularly when she is excited. She kneeled between his legs...pulled his cock out of his pants and began to give Dave a blow job. Something she does well, but I normally have to beg to have her give me one! I had my cock in my hands stroking as I watched my Sarah suck Daves cock, suck in his balls, lick his head and suck on the sides of his cock, she worked and worked his cock, until his ass was lifting off of the sofa, she had him on the brink of cumming and she knew it. Not being able to help myself, i knelt down behind her and started to attack her open pussy, it had been a while since i had felt her so wet...she jumped when my tongue hit her clit, pushing back hard against my tongue, i could really feel her first orgasm coming! Her juices flowed freely and she literally squirted in my mouth as the first wave hit her...she pushed down harder and harder...Dave said oh my god! I am cumming, she took him deeper into her mouth her fist pumping his shaft, he exploded in her mouth, she has NEVER done this for me. She continued to suck his cock, which was obviously very sensitive, in an attempt to keep him hard. She took her mouth away and said, I want Dave to fuck my pussy...NOW! She then got off of her knees and sat down on his semi erect cock...she slid in nice and easily, looking at me, tits bouncing, she rode him harder and harder, I don't really think she cared what Dave was feeling, it was all about her and her pure lust and satisfaction. The sound of her wet pussy, his cock and the slapping of her ass against his thighs was intoxicating, i just wish I had, had a camera to record this, she would have been beyond caring, and i could have memorialized this speacial event. She continued to ride Dave's cock until she came and was satified, over and over she came, she had this look of pure satisfacton on her face. They must have fucked for almost 20 minutes or better. Finally she pulled herself off of Dave. He looked completely spent, his cock completely limp. covered in her jiuces, he said, she is incredible! She then looked at me and isn't this what you have been waiting for? I said Hell yeah it is! Well, then? Laying her down on the sofa, i fucked her pussy as hard as I had ever fucked her, she was so warm, so wet, so slippery and so sensitive, she came almost immediately, I held out for a couple of minutes, but I emptied a huge load in her pussy as she came again, this time harder than before, and once done, she held me tightly, almost choking me as she let the waves of passion wash over her.We walked into the bedroom and all three of us collasped on our bed, falling asleep almost imediately here my wife between the both of us. I can not tell you how many times we fucked through out the weekend, but i know my cock was sore and my balls felt very empty when we pulled out Sunday night. Dave spent Saturday and Sunday with us including Saturday night, where we all slept together, I don't think Sarah ever had any under garmets on or anything but a dress for the rest of the weekend. We talked about our adventure on the way home, and she is anxious to have a repeat performance. Dave and I chatted on Monday afternoon, he thanked me and said anytime...anytime we want to do it agin he is ready! He said Sarah was the most responsive woman he has ever had, we began plans for our next time together...
04-07-2021, at 11:06 AM

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