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Pip's Sex Stories #1

Post #1

Pip's Sex Stories #1Introduction:Some time ago I've asked you guys on my profile if I should write sex stories and it seems like most of you want them. I had this idea because I'm currently also working on an entirely different story (fantasy genre) and I would like to write something else sometimes. Every sex story I will publish on my profile will be a true story. In the beginning of each story I will let you know if this story is about myself or a friend who talked to me about their experiences. I will also provide a little picture of whoever is the "hero" in the current story.Since this is my first time writing an erotica, I'd really appreciate some feedback on this. I don't really know how to describe certain things and I probably won't go into too much detail, but I do hope that you'll enjoy reading these and maybe get your imagination going. This is also a great way of getting to know me a little bit better. To know what sorta things I'm into, what I'm thinking, what I like or dislike.Without any further introduction, let's get started on my first story.Chapter 1:This story takes place a few years back, before I lived in Japan. I was talking to some guy online on a website that isn't really about porn, but we all know even on innocent-looking websites a lot of people are looking for sex. We talked for quiet a while and it wasn't anything interesting, just the usual stuff you would talk about to get to know each other. It wasn't until some time later where he started to ask more personal questions and became a little bit sexual. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to talking about sex or talking about intimate things. I'm even open-minded when it comes to actual dating and trying out certain things, but you obviously need to be a likable person to me and we need to share the same interests. So after a few questions like for example: if I shave myself (yes, I do!) or if I'm a virgin (no, I'm not!), he came up with an offer I didn't quiet expect.He wanted to meet me, but no, not for actual sex in that sense. He wanted to meet me so he can lick and kiss my entire body. I know this probably isn't the weirdest offer you can get as a girl, but it was pretty weird to me. I didn't really know (yet) what he meant by "entire body", but I do like getting licked, so I accepted his offer and we made an appointment somewhere in the next week. I was wearing casual clothes that day, nothing interesting, just a little oversized shirt and a skirt. I'm not the type of girl who dresses up for a meeting like this. Take me how I am or let it be, it's pretty simple. Of course a special sort of clothing can be talked about before the meeting, but don't expect me to buy something just for you. If I don't have it, too bad!This guy, who was in his thirties, didn't care about my clothes. At the end of the day, he'll see me naked most of the time anyway, so why even bother. I still think the short skirt was a nice touch, so I at least look girly and sort of sexy to him.We didn't spend much time outside, because we clearly agreed to what was going to happen this day. No coffee or tea to talk first, no walk in the city, nothing, just straight to the point. I could've also just gone to his home adress and make it a bit quicker, but as a girl I need to be careful and would rather meet guys in a crowded area. When we arrived at his apartment, it didn't seem like he's the shy type. After closing the door, he came up behind me, grabbed me by my hips and started to gently kiss my neck. We talked for quiet some time before meeting up to be fair, so it wasn't like we were complete strangers. I enjoyed the gentle kissing, it was a nice way to start things up. It didn't take long until we reached his bedroom, where things would get real. Or well, no actual sex but still having a great and enjoyable time for both of us.He asked me if I can get naked. I would've prefered him to do the job for me but whatever, I got naked and didn't hesitate about it. I can be extremely nervous for things like tests at school, but for something like this I can't really get nervous. Some day I will tell you about my very first experiences (if you guys would like to read them that is!), and you'll know why I don't bother becoming nervous at these kinda meet-ups. It's just a waste of time and if the guy is nervous himself as well, it can get pretty awkward. After getting completely naked and making it comfy for myself on his huge bed, he started to come over me and kissing my lips. Lots of tongue action too of course, as a little appetizer I'd say. I feel like kissing each other should become more of a regular thing even for sex meetings, because it's a nice feeling, and I assure you that my lips are tasty, pinky-promise!Anyway, he then started to go along my neck with his lips and tongue, continuing giving me kisses and using his tongue to get a good taste of my skin. After my neck, he was caressing my shoulders and my upper arm, giving sweet little kisses followed by licking. It seemed like he was really interested in my entire body and didn't just make that up. He even got to my fingers and took each of them into his mouth for a little bit of sucking. It felt really good, and I felt worshipped, which I can't deny to be an amazing feeling.Even though I like going into details and would describe every little thing he did to my entire body, I want to mostly just tell the more interesting parts. I also don't want this to be too long to read, because I feel like motivation gets lost after too many words. If I'm wrong and you wouldn't mind more details then hey, as I said, give me feedback on it!Once he finally got to my breasts, my nipples were already hard. He used one hand to gently squeeze my breast, twisting my nipple a little bit and feeling me up, while my other breast got all the attention of his lips and tongue. He played with his tongue around my hard nipple, he sucked on my nipple to make me get even hornier and my entire breast got hot kisses and licks to make me moan from pleasure. Obviously he also switched around to taste my other breast, no inch on me will be left out, that apparently was his promise.I didn't really need to do this, but I was holding the back of his head with both of my hands to keep him close to my tits. I didn't want this to end too quickly. But like I said, it wasn't necessary, because he took his sweet time with my breasts and took a lot of care. I loved how he sucked on my nipples, I loved the feeling of a wet tongue circling around them and tickling me a tiny bit. But there was even more to do, so at some point it was time to move to a different spot on my body.I will skip a few steps now, but be assured he also really liked taking care of my ribs-area and my bellybutton. But I slowly wanna get to the climax of my story.It was time to spread my legs. He spread them appart and I knew what was coming up. But before he got to the main spot of my body, he decided to also kiss and lick my inner thighs, and oh my god, this might be a fetish of mine, but I really love getting licked on my inner thighs. I don't know why, the tickling feeling there feels amazing and it gets me going pretty hard. Maybe keep that in mind in case you decide to meet me one day.He kept kissing and licking me thighs, getting closer and closer between my legs. When he finally reached my pussy, he realized how wet and tight I am. I was wet from the beginning of this wonderful session, but feeling him finally getting close to my pussy got me even wetter. He started to lick and suck on my clit, while he shoved his middle-finger deep inside my wet pussy. He explored my insides with his finger, slowly pushing it deeper, going out a bit again, then pushing it deep inside me again. So while enjoying his tongue and lips working on my clit, I also got a nice fingerfucking that got me extremely horny and willing. I was just lying there, comfy, relaxed, fully enjoying all the pleasures. It felt like I was a Queen and maybe I was one that day, who knows.At some point he switched his finger with his mouth, and started to lick and explore my insides with his tongue. I enjoyed the feeling of his twirling tongue inside my pussy, and it looked like he enjoyed the taste of it, because he couldn't get enough of it! My body was twitching, my body was shaking, I loved every second of him taking care of my tight pussy like that, but I didn't want to cum yet, it's way too early! Way more stuff to do and enjoy!And that was pretty much what I was getting immediately after. He seemed to realize how much I'm enjoying his treatment, so he got a step further...With his hands he grabbed my thighs and lifted my bottom half up in the air a little bit, and once I had my legs on his shoulder and wrapped around his neck, he used his finger again, but this time he shoved it into my tiny, tight butthole. He forced it all the way in, while he continued to suck and lick my insides and exploring all sides of my pussy. His tongue became crazier and crazier, meaning he was licking me wild and hard now, while he fingerfucked my asshole to get me going even more. I was moaning so loud that his neighbors probably got a good show of what we were doing, but neither of us seemed to care. My entire body was twitching, I wrapped my legs tight around his neck and was afraid it would be too hard, but he made me crazy about his tongue, his lips and also his fingers. Then it happened... I didn't just cum like you would expect, no... I squirted! I didn't expect this to happen and neither did he, but holy shit he made me squirt like a fucking volcano! And this, my friends who are reading this, was the very first time I squirted. I don't think this is something that happens every time, but if you get me this far, it means you did an amazing job and can be proud of yourself.After licking me clean and enjoying my pussy-juices, we took a short break and just cuddled in bed for a while. But even though I was fully satisfied, this wasn't the last of his tongue and fingers that day. We repeated the same procedure again, that time even with me lying on my stomach, so he could taste my back and my butt-cheeks.It was a great time and if you're somebody who wants to taste a girl's entire body, be sure to hit me up! I hope you enjoyed my first sex story. There will be some crazier experiences I can write about, so don't worry. This is just the beginning of hopefully a lot of chapters of my sex life.
04-07-2021, at 11:06 AM

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