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I knew I was Fucked...

Post #1

I knew I was Fucked...After years of watching hidden camera videos, I realized that I loved hidden toilet cams. I decided to look into making them and did some research.The set-up I decided to create is cheap and sweet: hidden camera, disguised in a natural state.I spend night after night thinking of where I can set up my cam. I spend night after night thinking of how I can make my cam blend in more. I learn to make my camera hidden (how it looked will be kept a secret). One night I'm thinking of a perfect location and it hits me! Gender neutral restrooms. One day while out on a stroll around a college campus, I find a place where I find the perfect spot: gender neutral restroom, small furniture where my camera will blend in, and most importantly college girls.I get the balls to finally set it up. As my heart pounds and my nerves are at an all-time high, I see my first coed go in the restroom. My heart pounds harder as I know the risk of getting caught: prison time.The coed walks out, then the 2nd/3rd enter and leave. The stress and excitement is so intense I knew I had to take my cam out and see the results. EUREKA!I got some footage that not only turns me on but I know voyeur fans will love. I then upload the video. It's a hit!Over the next few months, I go back and record. It's extremely exciting seeing this women go in the restroom. I know what they look like before they go in. At times, I casually interact with them as they assume I am a normal customer. What really turns me on are the few stuck up woman that I have encountered. My fingers were crossed as I hoped to capture and expose them. I do.Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.One day, I'm out at my favorite spot and I set up my camera. I look at the hidden location and my brain tells me it would get noticed as the normal items surrounding the camera are lacking. I decide to go on.As I'm sitting, positioned where I can inconspicuously see whom enters, I see this cutie get up and enter the restroom. She is so fucking attractive. All I could think about was how good her pussy will look.One thing is different about this time though. I'm really nervous. By this point, I have gotten confident with my setup but something was wrong, something was different.Sure as shit, I see an employee walk in the restroom and walk out to grab a manager with my camera in hand. I break out in cold sweats. I knew I was fucked.All I could think about was them looking at their cameras and seeing who had walked in the restroom last. I know for a fact I was.As nonchalantly as I could, I walked out the business with a brisk walk. As I'm leaving, I can see in the corner of my eye that there was a discussion being held about the find.Once clear of the business, I dart to my vehicle and ride home. All I could think about was how fucked I was. To make matters worse, I had a cache of material waiting to be uploaded. I knew that this small town would blast my face and ask the community to help identify me. I got inside my home, cleared my devices and destroyed all evidence. I even went as far as disposing the evidence in locations throughout the town. I was in constant fear about being caught and I was dreading the worst. Over the next few hours, I checked local crime reports to see if something popped up.Over the next few days and weeks, I was paranoid.As fate would have it, nothing has happened. If you're wondering how I felt about it, to be honest I was scared to death. And if you're wondering If I will go back to recording then you should know that the answer is "YES."I rebuilt my setup and am now looking for a good spot. For the fans of my videos, do not worry. I think I found a good one.To those new to my content. Check out my college coed videos. These are the ones I was able to publish before getting my camera taken.
04-15-2021, at 09:54 AM

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