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Pleasure Boat

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Pleasure BoatPleasure boat It had been six months in the planning, and Brian had everything in place just waiting for the instruction to proceed. The time had been spent befriending an assortment of females all of whom for one reason or another needed to change their circumstances. All had one thing in common; they were all extremely attractive in their own way. There were blondes and brunettes, some less than five feet a few nearly six feet. They varied from dress size 6 to 16, and all had been well bedded by Brian to ensure they were suitable for the adventure ahead. All the ladies had been told was they would be away for at least a year and would be well rewarded for their endeavours, however the only requirement was 100% commitment and willingness to undertake all tasks demanded of them. All had willingly accepted as it offered an escape from whatever perils they currently endured.It was early April, Brian got the call, and immediately contacted his harem, tomorrow they should all meet at the coach station 0800 sharp, all they needed to take with them was any swimwear they required, everything else would be provided.. Brian just hoped the 12 turned up, and his choices met with approval of the skipper. Tomorrow will tell.Brian arrived at 07.15, the private coach was already parked and waiting, by 7.30 10 had arrived and were introduced to each other; Lui the Chinese girl and Alaya the West Indian were missing. Brian need not have worried as both arrived at 7.55, the coach was loaded and off they went. There was a lot of speculation about their destination and Brian revealed nothing. It would take around an hour he thought, he was pleased to see Jennifer and Pamela making good friends on the back seat, he had suspected both where total nymphomaniacs and it seemed he was right, they would go down well in the coming months.An hour later they arrived in a small cove and there waiting for them was a small launch, quickly they transferred and the new mode of transport added to the speculation. The launch headed out to sea and a couple of the ladies looked definitely liable to be very sick, Brian realised he had not asked any of them if they had been to sea before.Luckily their destination was only 20 minutes out, just outside territorial waters and as they approached they saw a magnificent yacht, one you would expect to see at Canes or Monte Carlo. The chatter grew as they all got excited, and it was not long before they all assembled in the main lounge area. An elderly guy appeared and announced he was the skipper and these ladies would be the crew, they immediately quietened down and listened. Quite simply they would be required to undertake many duties on board from cooking, housework and entertaining the guests as and when they had any needs. One or two had a look of apprehension, but when Brian announced anybody not willing to be 100% loyal and comply should leave now, nobody moved.After a few minutes Skipper announced the guests would be arriving tomorrow so they had today to find there way around and be familiar with everything, Oh and by the way your swimwear will be your only clothing, and on the days your rota says entertainment you will be naked. When you?re doing other duties, if a guest requires your services, then the guest cums first, literally. Of they went so the small sleeping quarters, literally twin bunks and standing room only. Pamela and Jennifer shacked up and within 20 minutes the sounds from their room left nothing to be desired.Skipper had eyed them all up and summonsed Lui to his quarters, she was 4 foot 6 and size 8, but had a perfect body and two very firm tits, when she arrived at the cabin she entered and immediately saw the Skipper sitting in a chair with his cock out and being massaged. Lui was told to come forward, kneel and suck him off; he told her depending on the level of satisfaction she could have a good time on board or a really bad one. Lui understood and as she knelt down took her composure and immediately took hold of his balls, gently squeezing as her mouth slowly devoured his now swollen member, she used her skills and the tip of her tongue to full advantage, and soon the foreskin had receded and the purple headed snake was seeking pleasure down her throat. He was determined to please the skipper but also to ensure she had some pleasure herself, and today may not be the day, but she will get this throbbing member inside her pussy one day soon. Another 10 minutes and the Skipper had offloaded his spunk, now dripping down the sides of her mouth, and he told her to stand up. He stood head and shoulders above her, but bent down and took a nipple in his mouth and started to massage her swollen and very wet clit. Two fingers and 5 minutes later Lui was struggling to stand as the vibrations rang through her body and she squirted more than she had for a long time all over Skippers hand. I am sure we will get on ok, he said as she left his cabin.The rest of the day all the ladies familiarised themselves with the layout of the yacht, and in small groups discussed what they thought the coming days would bring. Needless to say Jennifer and Pamela had again retired, and when Alaya came calling to tell them the following days duties were now on the notice board, she found them deep in an embrace. Pamela was sucking Jennifer?s clit and had her finger embedded in her arse, whereas Jennifer had two fingers in Pamela?s arse as she suckled her open lips. Pamela stopped long enough to ask Alaya if she wanted to join in, the invite was declined. Alaya enjoyed sex, but much preferred the male organs and at that moment she would give her right arm for a throbbing cock in any of her orifices. The rota had indicated that guests would be arriving around lunchtime and the ladies had to prepare beds and food before they arrived. All 12 had to be on show and ready to please from the moment the guests got on board. The guest list showed 8 males and 1 female, otherwise no other information was available.They had dinner and Brian had already decided he was about to be entertained by Vera, she was the eldest lady, and a little shy, she underestimated her sex appeal and needed a confidence boost. Skipper was going to engage Lui again and finish what she started earlier. Everybody was to be up and working by 6.30 so the majority opted for an early night, Vera and Lui waited and retired with the respective partner.Brian entered his cabin, turned around to see Vera behind, in her one piece swimsuit, he took hold of her shoulders and kissed her gently, trying to get her to relax, after all she had fucked him many times. Sliding the strap off her shoulders she soon had a firm grip on her chest and was teasing the nipple that was slowly hardening under the touch, Vera did relax and soon has his balls in her hand and indicated her intention to drop to her knees and take his manhood in her mouth. Her speciality was taking a limp cock and converting it to a rod of iron. Whilst Vera was slurping over the now growing member, Lui was having her clit pleasured next door. Skipper had his tongue well embedded between her swelling lips and could feel her juices starting to slowly run down his chin. His own manhood was now swollen and ready, so without any finesse he turned her onto all fours and immediately aimed the tip of his cock directly at the door of her love tube.Lui was now enjoying her time being split by the huge monster cock that was currently pounding her, the slapping balls against her thighs added to her sense that she had charge of the situation, then without any warning to Skipper, she flexed her cunt muscles in such a way the tip of his cock was trapped and the swelling down the shaft was unable to get release. Happy she had delayed the end of the experience for a few more minutes; she released the grip and continued to push back onto his shaft. Skipper had never experienced the feeling of his cock not being able to shoot when he wanted but he was determined to fill her with his white fluid. Again without warning he withdrew, turned her onto her back, and returned to embed his cock as deep as he could, because of her size, we was literally facing his nipples as he pounded her and she soon felt the warm liquid hitting her innards and then running back down and out to her thighs.Vera however was soon riding cowgirl on Brian?s prick, and was also nearing a climax. Brian was happy to let her take the lead as he would cum as soon as Vera climaxed, as he knew when she came she would be uncontrollable and that would set his cock off on the search to empty his balls into her waiting pussy.That night everybody has a disturbed sleep for one reason or another, knowing tomorrow the adventure would really start.Chapter twoEarly morning and the vessel is buzzing with anticipation, the Skipper and Brian, hoping everything runs smoothly and the ladies wondering just what they would encounter. Breakfast served and all tidied away and then the ladies moved to sorting out the 6 2 berth cabins, ensuring all tidy and everything available,Joy and Freda were sent to arrange the two master cabins, the first had very romantic settings, a very large heart shaped bed, subtle lighting, and a sauna, however when Freda saw the second room she was overcome with horror, it was based on the red room in 50 shades fame, and instantly it reminded her of her previous existence. Her brutal husband had regularly forced her to strip and then once bound to whatever came to hand, he would invite his friends and occasionally strangers to abuse her at will. On average she had her pussy and arse taken 4 or 5 days a week and a minimum of 3 guys at a time. On occasions her husband would return with a prostitute and continue to suck the girl until her cunt was swollen and very moist, and then fuck her ensuring Freda could see every stroke of his cock and after cumming he would then get the prostitute so suck and finger Freda until she came. The whole process was to undermine her self confidence.His cruel streak started the day he returned home early and found Freda totally naked and sandwiched between two young lads, who were sliding their cocks in unison into her willing body. Additionally she had another cock in her mouth. He had until that time been faithful to his wedding vows, but he decided rather than divorce he would from that day forth ensure she was well serviced by all and sundry.Freda had embarked on that day, as with many housewives, bored stiff with the usual drudge and had decided to walk in the park to break the routine. In the park three lads had been larking around and when she appeared they stopped and engaged in chat with her. She was appreciative of the attention and flirting, and before long one of the lads was praising her for her good looks and very fit body, as she sat on the bench she felt a hand on her breast but instead of resisting she relaxed and accepted the gentle touch. Needless to say this was soon followed with a hand sliding up her thighs and she was even more surprised when her knees opened and allowed full access for the fingers to explore her shaven pussy and slide up the crack and into her love cave. Realising she was in a public park, common sense went out the window and she told the lads to follow her, she returned home and soon everybody was undressed and she was holding, squeezing and sucks each of the cocks in turn. In return her own pussy and tits were also being exercised and it was a natural progression for her to find herself with a cock slowly inserted into her arse. Her husband had only done this a couple of times before. The second then started to slide into her cunt which was now very wet and receptive. Together they soon worked up a rhythm and the third cock was invited to invade her throat. She was so captivated by the sense of being in demand, she did not hear or see the door open and her husband stood in the doorway. Instead of stopping it had the effect of making her push deeper onto both cocks and she soon squirted over both, in turn she felt warm streams of liquid being deposited inside her contented body.The next few weeks were fraught and conversation was limited and about 4 weeks later Freda was subjected to her first taste of her husband?s revenge. She had never told anybody just accepted it as she felt she was totally responsible, that was until now when she told Joy why she was so upset. Joy re assured her and reminded her she had a new life now and they needed to get a move on.Just before noon Skipper called everybody to the main lounge, and announced the launch had left and would be arriving within the hour. Last minute checks confirmed all was in place and the adventure was now well under way.Chapter 3The Guests arrived and boarded the yacht, and gathered in the lounge, 7 guys and one lady, they were top management having a team bonding break, and the chairman was looking forward to some real bonding. The lady, Bibi, was bright sexy and intelligent and was destined for top job. When the idea of team building was first raised she was determined to be part of the team and not let the males take advantage, however when she found out what the Chairman had in mind, she decided she would not back away and show weakness but rather brazen it out. However she was unsure how she would handle the next few days, the only saving grace was that she had often fantasised about one of the others as the rumour in work was he had a 4 inch cock but knew just how to make it work for him, as such every weekend he had one of the females in his bed, including some of the married ones. Maybe just maybe?It was 2 pm before they had all settled down and appeared for a late lunch, and the guys looked mesmerised at the ?ladies? serving them stark naked. So much so that one or two had taken the opportunity to finger the odd clit or two, when the opportunity arose, and it did arise a few times, as well as a few pricks growing at the same time.By 3 the 7 guys had each chosen a friend for the afternoon, and Bibi was left on the own, when Pamela approached her, unlike her male colleagues, Bibi was still wearing a skirt and blouse. Pamela brought the conversation around to Bibi?s presence and reminded her she was also welcome to participate, and at that point she leaned towards her and gently kissed her neck as her hand reached out for a handful of tit. Bibi found herself responding by dropping her hand down to Pamela?s pubic area and starting to roughly finger her, she had a dominant streak and a hidden desire to rough fuck another female and now she had the chance.Pamela led her to the Master cabins and found the romantic one empty, they entered and soon Pamela had her tongue down Bibi?s throat, and using both hands soon had the skirt undone and the blouse open revealing two firm breasts and very erect nipples which clearly did not need a bra to support them. Bibi for her part as gripping Pamela?s rear and humping her thigh, ensuring her clit was hard against the bare flesh. In a matter of moments Bibi was also naked and they moved over to the bed. Pamela was aware that a large strap on was in a wardrobe and went to get it, but before she was able to put it on Bibi had it in her hand and reminded Pamela she was the guest. Bibi?s cruel streak was about to take control and she told Pamela to lie face down on the bed, and then slowly moved into position so the tip of the strap on as ready to enter. Pamela was stunned as she found this monster tool was about to enter her rear passage. She mentioned it to Bibi but no response except a sharp pain as it moved a few inches into her unsuspecting orifice. God she is not using any lube, just brute force, and a few strokes later it was up as far as it could go. Lying across Pamela?s back Bibi reached around and grabbed her tits and slowly started to grind the tool into the bed, just unfortunate for Pamela she was in between. Having her breasts caressed and the Bibi?s hand finding its way to her clit soon had Pamela forgetting the pain and actually enjoying this beautiful oriental fulfilling her pleasure. Some time later, Bibi had sensed Pamela was about to climax and had pulled the strap on out, turned her over and was rubbing her clit with her fingers and had her mouth wide open to catch the juices when they eventually flew from the love tube and hopefully into her mouth. Pamela did not fail to oblige and probably produced the most powerful ejaculation she had ever experienced, and was shaking uncontrollably as she was milked dry.Whilst Pamela and Bibi had been enjoying themselves, the Chairman and Lui had made their way to the red room. Lui was expecting to be dominated but was surprised when she was told to strap him to the Catherine wheel, and then spin him upside down. Then standing in front of him she was instructed to apply a dildo to his arse and stand as close as she could so he could suck and lick her pussy. Duly obliging she conformed and it was a matter of time before his penis expanded and she took it into her hand and stroked it whilst sucking on his heavily loaded balls.
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