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Surprise Surprise Surprise

Post #1

Surprise Surprise SurpriseI have not posted anything in a few weeks because life had been so usual. Over the weekend, we were invited to a gathering at a friend?s house. We have been there a few times before and always have good times; but nothing erotic. We met a younger (40-ish) couple there that seemed to latch on to us. I found Carl to be a total bore and supremacist and Cyndi was clearly influenced- perhaps even fearful- of him and his opinions. They were such an odd couple. He was had virtually zero appeal, even if he kept his mouth shut. Cyndi was quite pretty and she knew it, but even though she was dressed very appealing, you could tell that she did not feel that way. Also, she was also very distant from her surroundings. Joe was plying Carl with drinks because he wanted to see how truly ignorant Carl was. The more Carl drank, the more he spewed his mantra and the more he spewed, the more Cyndi withdrew.Thankfully, Carl had to work the graveyard shift, so he reminded Cyndi that they had to leave by 11 PM. She said something about her k**s at a sleepover but Carl just reiterated that it was time to go. She started to say something, but his look shut her right down. No one was sorry to see them go. She was objecting a bit as they left.After they left, some of the neighbors mentioned that she was abused and that Carl had a criminal record. Joe lightened the mood by saying that he was unaware that ignorance was a criminal offense in Florida. A few minutes later, I was outside having a smoke with Doreen and she pointed out Carl pulling out of his driveway and heading for work. Joe joined us and we chatted awhile and Doreen went back in her house. As Joe and I both turned to go back inside, he saw something gleaming and picked up a key. He asked inside if anyone lost a key and no one claimed it. Doreen said that it may belong to Cyndi, she was fumbling in her purse on the way out the door.As you guessed, I decided to walk the key over. I peeked into the house and couldn?t see anyone, even though the inside lights were on. I used the knocker and after a moment, the outside lights came on and the door buzzed open. I entered the house and Cyndi shouted ?In here.? And I followed her voice to the living room. She was sitting on a love seat and was enjoying grey goose.After returning her key, I was about to leave when Cyndi said to me that she knew that we all thought that Carl was an asshole. She had met Carl almost twenty years ago and for all that time he had been fucking her. And in all that time she had only had three orgasms. But none from him. He had fucked her body and her mind and her spirit. She hated him, she loved him, and was scared to death of him, but would never leave him. Then she began to cry.I went over and sat next to her to comfort her, but there were no tears. I put my arms around her shoulders and hugged her. She snuggled in and I rubbed her back a bit and then she rested her hand on my leg. I was aware that my little sundress had risen to my upper thigh and that Cyndi was maneuvering into a dominant position. I found this a bit stimulating and wanted to see how far it would go. I texted Joe ?60? which is a code for a rendezvous.Cyndi had crossed her leg over mine and was shifting her weight to straddle me. I positioned my body to allow it to happen. Cyndi cupped my face in her hands and kissed me very deeply. My hands were free so I began lifting up her shift. She moved again so I could lift it over her head. Once she saw where it was going, she got up and opened the sofa into a bed and lifted off my sundress. My breasts jiggled free and Cyndi was all over them and then helped me up. All I had on were panties and wedges and Cyndi had a bra and panty. Her bra came off and two magnificent breasts came out to play.Cyndi was all over me: first with her lips and then with her pink cookie. My first orgasm was fast and severe and trembling. It was amazing how she could rub her pink cookie over my face and breasts and pussy and feet and tongue. She would lick my pussy lips while grinding her pink cookie on whatever body part of mine was convenient. She was so dripping wet that I was able to actually fist her, but she seemed to want more. She began a guttural whisper Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!Suddenly a man shouted ?You fucking slut cunt? and Carl was standing there with ten inches of throbbing cock. Cyndi rolled over onto her back and screamed Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! I could tell that this was a game that they had played before because Cyndi was moaning and thrusting in pure ecstasy. Her hand found its way to my pussy and she gently toyed with my lips. I let her. Carl was very, very rough and was really pounding her, but Cyndi was loving it. They seemed to reach a simultaneous orgasm in screams and grunts.That little bitch Cyndi?s fingers had me right on the brink of another orgasm and I thrust my pussy at her. She laughed and said that Carl could give me a proper fucking if I asked him; but she still toyed with me. The next thing I knew, Cyndi was straddling my face and licking my pussy while Carl?s 10 angry inches were again reaming her pink cookie. Only these were long and slow strokes. Not angry thrusts and juices were dripping on me. OMG, I had another trembling orgasm with all the bells and whistles.Cyndi kept me there with an occasional tongue flick until they were finished and Carl stood up. He rubbed my panties on Cyndi?s face and then handed them to me. Cyndi said that she hoped to see me again. As I pulled my sundress back on, Carl told Cyndi to clean him off. Cyndi began blowing him and asked me if I wanted to help. I refused and left.
04-15-2021, at 09:55 AM

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